Digital Preservation Policy

The IJTOS Journal publishes manuscripts in electronic form. The articles and manuscripts are published online only; a print version is not available (If a print version is released in the future, it will be notified in our journal's website.) The guidelines for digital content preservation are as follows, and they will be periodically reviewed and updated to reflect new technological advancements.

  1. A PDF version of the manuscript's published full text would be made available.
  2. The prior editions will be archived on the relevant web pages.
  3. Our publisher, Chris Jayam Educational Trust, stores all of our electronic information (websites, journals, manuscripts, etc.) on their designated servers, and an adequate backup is generated for the content's security if any incident, such as hacking, occurs on three different servers. Readers can access content that is online on one server. On two other servers, a backup copy of the same live content is preserved. All websites and journals will be live in less than 24-36 hours in the event that one server fails. Any one of the other servers can be brought up in this situation.
  4. We will continue to publish all of our journals for a very long time with the help of authors and readers. The articles published in the journal will always be available online and as accessible to readers as feasible if we are forced to discontinue publishing it due to unavoidable, tragic circumstances.
  5. The manuscript has a specific DOI that matches the cross references. Therefore, even if the journal switches from its existing web pages to any other new web pages, it would still be possible to locate any manuscript with its DOI..
  6. Self-Archiving: If the journal ceased publication, the journal domain, the website, and all of the material would be preserved for a period of ten years in their original state. The information will be transferred to another archive made inside, the IJTOS Full Archive, after ten years, where it will be stored online and accessible to the public with the same specific DOI. All of the digital content, notably published texts, would be permanently preserved by this repository.