How to publish my research manuscript in IJTOS (International Journal of Trends in OncoScience)?+
How can I communicate to the journal during my manuscript process?+
Is my paper will be peer reviewed before publication?+
What are all the indexing does the IJTOS have for its credit?+
Will I be getting DOI number allotted for my Published manuscript?+
How long will it take to publish my paper from submission?+
Is there any other way to speed up the process to publish other than the normal process as I need to get my paper publish still more fast?+
Is there any fee for publishing the paper?+
Can I check the status or track my submitted paper?+
Once my paper is published and if I need to correct the paper, can it be done?+
Does the reputation of the authors influence the editors?+
What are the criteria for publication in the IJTOS journal?+
What happens to a submitted paper, and who makes the final decision?+
If my paper is rejected can I appeal?+