Selection of Reviewers

Our Peer reviewer constitutes respective editorial board members and open reviewers. The selection of open peer reviewers and the number of reviewers for a particular submission are matters of editorial judgment. As we receive many voluntary qualified reviewers request for open peer reviewer, we maintain a panel of open peer reviewer based on their expertise and would be updated regularly and they are not part of the journal staff. However, editorial staff members may serve as peer reviewers in areas of their expertise which we add them along with the open peer reviewer. The editor’s knowledge of experts in a particular field often determines reviewer selection. In addition to the above reviewers we have a panel of English evaluating reviewer who take cares of English grammatical and other relevant errors. Thus a manuscript would be screened and selected by respective scientific reviewer, chief editor and English evaluators.

Even before accepting to review a manuscript the Reviewers are We invite you to be reviewer in our reviewer panel. All reviewers would be suitably honoured by publishing their name in the Reviewer list at appropriate issues and also send reviewer appreciation certificate on request. Continual support may upgrade you to our editorial panel. Click here for contact details.